Air Travel Tips

As Superman says, “Statistically speaking, flying is the safest form of travel.”

Of course, unlike Superman, we have to go through an airport each time we fly. While some of us don’t mind the airport experience, some of us do. There will always be those people who feel anxiety in the airport. They fear, perhaps, forgetting something vital or not getting past security.

Well, we’re here to help. Here are some tips on how to reduce the stress you feel at the airport. It might even make it as pleasant an experience as the vacation.

Arrive early.

You cannot begin to imagine how many headaches you can reduce or even skip by coming very early. Some travellers advise arriving at the airport as early as four hours ahead of schedule if you expect it to have a long check-in queue.

Print out every document that may be relevant.

Yes, your airline might email you the boarding pass or ticket. Print them out anyway. This way, you have all your necessary paperwork in paper and not subject to the whims of battery life. It also means that you’re not stranded in case you lose your phone.

If you arrive late and the queue is already long, skip it.

Just sit down somewhere, read a book or have a meal. The line will whittle away over time, or you can wait a little longer. When a plane is about to board, airline staff will scramble to find missing passengers and let them aboard first, skipping check-in lines.

Pre-remove any jewellery or metal objects.

Belts, rings, necklaces, and the like should be pre-removed before you even get to the airport. This lets you not be that chump who has to remove them at the security checkpoint.

Finally, when you get to immigration, be polite and precise.

It pays to be friendly to immigration personnel, who have a rough job and are often stressed. A little bit of politeness and a smile can go a long way. If they ask questions, be specific. Don’t say you’re there for work. Instead, say what sort of work you’re there to do, like a business meeting or to broker a deal.