London on a Budget

London is a beautiful city. It has a rich history, plenty of places to see, and a character that is second to none. Even with all the troubles it has gone through, there is no city quite like it, and it remains something that must be seen and experienced.

Of course, this isn’t always easy. For all of its beauty, let’s not mince facts: London can be expensive. A budget traveler has to be at his best if he’s going to get through his time in this grand old city.

Well, here’s some advice to help make the stay a little easier.

Leg it! Central London is best enjoyed on foot. Yes, the public transportation is excellent, but some parts are just so much more intimate when you walk. You also get to see more sights or have a chance to get closer.

From the Tate Modern to the National Gallery, to even the Changing of the Guard, London has a lot of sights and attractions that are free.

If you intend to travel around the city a lot, get a Visitor Oyster card. These travel smartcards are cheaper and let you access all public transportation. They also qualify you for deals on certain food and drinks in the right establishments.

Booking a London Pass ahead of time is a great move. With this, you can get in free for up to sixty attractions in the city, including some of the most famous.

Booking anything ahead is a good idea. You can skip the lines and, in some places, get in at a discount compared to the regular price.

Finally, happy hour is not universal. For a cheap night out, make sure to know which pubs have happy hours and when. The drink promotions can make things a lot cheaper.